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The Positosis Mindset

The positosis mindset is designed to anchor yourself to positive thought, positive action through a step by step process of simple discipline of focusing on the positive, first, and transforming any situation into a positive in order to help you move forward with joy at a higher level of performance – whether in the workplace or in daily relationships.

With a strategy to develop/maintain a relentless positive mindset, my trademarked Positosis™ can be crafted for an individual or a company with many employees. Positosis is based on training the brain to shift into a positive mindset through the tools and processes I will share. Basically, I teach audiences to transform all their life experiences into usable fuel for forward progress, personally, and professionally.

I guide the audience through techniques on how to transform their life experiences, the good, the bad, and otherwise, into the positive energy, usable fuel needed to move forward, with confidence, and enthusiasm while building momentum.

Chris Toledo will entertain, delight your audience. He will share personal and professional experiences while giving the essential Positosis skills needed to enhance job satisfaction, improve performance, build unshakable confidence to unleash creativity, andlead happy and productive lives, personally and professionally.

Studies show that optimism is a major impetus for personal and professional success. This relies, in part, on our ability to see stress as a challenge instead of a threat. When the brain is in a stressed state, it is difficult to tap into creativity, physical and mental energy, or productivity. The good news is, when the brain is in a positive state, it is 31% more productive! And Chris shares the tools and skills you need to be able to slip into that positive mindset on command!

In his keynote, “The Positosis Mindset,” Chris teaches the audience the tips and tools to train the brain to see the positive, and tap into the Positosis mindset, and own the happiness advantage. With a wealth of unique experiences on a global scale, Chris offers first-hand experience with stories of practical applications on the power of simply being positive, and resetting the trajectory for a life of joy, confidence, and patience.

Presentations have his signature style, cadence — a rhythm and flow — that creates a unique brand of storytelling.

This is not the run-of-the-mill corporate training that has you nodding off. Chris Toledo’s presentations are informative, engaging, and interactive – with many smiles on the audiences’ faces when they leave.

If your company could use a boost this year, improved employee happiness, increased sales and productivity, and better overall company culture, you need to book Chris Toledo today, and get your double dose of Positosis!
C’mon now, Let’s do this!